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Art Night Out®–The Original Art Party

Art Night Out®–The Original Art party provides you with a memorable experience, fun with friends, and beautiful artwork you’ve made yourself! It’s so easy to create something beautiful and sophisticated that you will be proud of. We provide the right tools, materials, and instruction so you can step right into the art making process and express yourself. No prior experience is necessary and all materials are included in the cost. You will walk away with a beautiful treasure that you’ve created yourself, as well as an enjoyable memory with friends, family, or colleagues.  Nourish your soul and feed your creative spirit with Art Night Out. What a great way to spend quality time on yourself!

Whether it’s painting, jewelry, or collage, Art Night Out has many ways for you enjoy art. You can attend a local event, book a private party, and even start your own business teaching Art Night Out to others in your area. Our product kits contain everything you need to get started while providing a social and creative vehicle for you to earn extra cash.

Art Night Out®…a simple way to recharge your enthusiasm.

In 2003, Catherine Bickford decided she wanted to make art accessible for those with limited time and resources on their hands. A mother of two, it was often difficult for her to find time for herself, let alone time for creativity. Art is a personal passion, and she wanted to make it possible for others to feed their creative spirits while having fun. “These moments of creative flow create well-being, allowing you to replenish your mind and nurture your soul. It’s an important part of daily life that everyone deserves to have.”